Rudis Kodin Onni

First of all, thank you for stopping by to visit our site. We are located in Fuengirola , Avenida de los boliches 36 , You are working with a dynamic agency and one of the oldest to rent apartments to foreign people. We care and find you a home instead of just an apartment. You feel secure in your home in good quiet areas and you interact with an agency that has been in this business since 2004 so we have many years of expertice and a positive way of working with all of our clients. Our apartments are mostly located in Fuengirola and Los Boliches but also in surrounding areas (Mijas, Benalmàdena, Carvajal, Torreblanca and throughout Spain)

You get service in your own language since we speak more than 7 languages (Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, English etc..)

You get a secure, reliable Taxi-service that takes you from the airport to your apartment and the driver helps you go inside so you can relax

Easy to book online, by phone or in our office and you have one person to help you with everything from cleaning & maintenance of the apartment / house & you have a huge selection to fit especially your needs, you choose – we offer!

We help you to get your NIE-number and to get your residencia in Spain if you wish to move; no need to search for further advice

Reasonable prices and good service

Refurbishing, renovations and constructions from us in promised time!